Curved Stairlifts

From just £3795 you can enjoy a fully fitted tailor made curved stairlift with a 12 month warranty

If you have a curve in your stairs or even a spiral staircase, Ridgeway Stairlifts can help you choose a new curved stairlift to get you up and down.

National Brands

Ridgeway Stairlifts have curved stairlifts from the top UK and European brands like Handicare and Access BDD. And because our fitters are manufacturer trained and certificated, you can be assured of the best possible level of safety, service and care.

Safety First

All our curved stairlifts have the latest safety features built in and are designed with user safety and comfort in mind.

Real Choice

If a neutral standard finish is not for you, choose from a wide range of colour and fabric options so you can own a stairlift to fit your style or décor.

Straight Stairs as well as Curved

Curved stairlifts can also be fitted to straight stairs and continue on to the landing, round a corner out of the way, or just to park away from the stairs.

Handicare Freecurve

Practical, stylish and affordable. The Freecurve by Handicare negotiates a curved stair with ease. The single tube rail is made to measure to fit your stairs, and the seat is available in 2 comfort styles - Classic or leather look Elegance style.

Handicare Freecurve Elegance

The seat can be chosen to travel 'back to the wall' at right angles to the rail, or turned at 45 degrees to the rail, facing slightly down the stairs. This latter option can help cope with narrow stairs or tight fan style stair treads. Powered hinge or drop nose rail options allow the Freecurve to avoid blocking a hallway or door.

Flow 2A

Very stylish and very clever. The Flow curved stairlift by Access BDD can swivel the seat as it travels. This unique feature enables the Flow to not only negotiate tighter, narrower stairs but also can swivel the seat at the bottom of the stairs as well as the top.

Packed with all the usual safety features, the Flow has automatic swivel and level technology (ASL) allowing it to be fitted to stairs as narrow as 610mm (2ft). With this technology, the single tube rail can hug the stairs lower than the average lift. The linked footrest swivels with the seat, making getting on and off more comfortable.


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